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My name is JOSHUA WOLD, and I want to be your next DESIGNER and help make your business awesome!

Who am I? I'm a web designer based out of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. I'm happily married with a beautiful baby boy. I've been working as a designer since I was 15. At age 19 I joined forces with three other guys to start a web development business. I then worked my butt off for five years, making every mistake in the book, and learning a ton along the way.

I was a dorky little homeschooled kid that gained experience the hard way, in the trenches. I'm not yet the greatest designer or coder in the world, but my unquenchable passion to learn and improve, and my fiercely positive attitude, has gotten me this far. I desire to soar farther and I'm eager to continue growing as a professional.

I believe my experience and personality is a perfect match for what you're looking for in a designer.


I have 10 years experience as a graphic artist, and 7 years experience as a web designer

I've helped build a web development startup as a partner, ran my own web design company, and I am now working at a corporate office with a marketing team. I'm used to tough projects, rejection, making hard decisions, and the challenges that come with working in a team and actually shipping.

Right now I'm working at Oxyfresh/Life Shotz as a Senior Designer. It's my job to take concepts from an idea to a wireframe, to a finished project. That could be a new website, corporate identity, marketing materials, or actual product packaging.

I'm a self-starter

From a young age I've been one to kick my own butt and get things done. I'm self-taught and intimately understand what it means to pull myself up from my bootstraps. I love to put a smile on people's faces. You'll quickly find that I'm the kind of guy that's enjoyable to work with. I strive to be a positive impact and a force for inspiration in everything I do. That means I encourage and push those around me, as well as myself, to be the best.

I'm a learner

I'm self-taught through books, help from others, Google, and sweat and tears. I regularly check sites like Behance, Dribbble, Smashing Magazine, as well as tech blogs, to keep up to date on what's going on in my industry. I have nearly seven years experience as a web designer. Photoshop and Illustrator are two well used tools in my toolbox. I've used them each for over 10 years. I love writing HTML/CSS and am very comfortable building themes in WordPress for my clients. I'm also comfortable working with programmers to bring dynamic pages to life. That means, while I'm not yet fluent in Javascript, PHP, or Rails, I'm able to work within the environment, adding in elements and manipulating the design as needed. Learning is part of my DNA, I'm not afraid to take on a new challenge and push myself, if that means learning new technologies, I will gladly take on that challenge.

I love to write

Being able to convey thoughts and emotions in written word is one of the most powerful tools we have. Along with design, writing is a creative process, and one that I enjoy. Most of my writing has been for myself, you can view examples at Joshua Wold.

I have core values

I don't want to be a designer that is forced to create capybaras, and I have specific things that I'll say no to. I believe this makes me a better designer, someone who has morals to stand on.


All I really remember about my first meeting with Joshua is his broad smile. It was profoundly memorable to me. In our early days working together I often wanted to kill him because of his extreme happiness, but behind that smile I discovered a very intelligent man with a passion for knowledge. Years later, his “happiness” has matured a great deal and I have watched him grow much. Where once sat a naive, over-confident home-schooled kid that had never experienced failure (and thus had no reason to fear it), now sits a wise and experienced professional who has withstood the test of time.
When tackling large projects, I always felt better, felt safer, when Joshua was involved in the project. Brainstorming with Joshua continues to be one of my favorite things to do. Whether it be discussions of business, design, or general conversation, when I have struggled to put my thoughts into words, Joshua has always been able to decipher what I meant and form my thoughts into clear, concise, discernible words. And when I felt like an old dog that refused to learn new tricks, Joshua would somehow encourage me to adopt new technologies and practices, always to my immense joy and benefit.
I can honestly say, being around Joshua has made me a better person.
Clay Doss - claydoss.com

Joshua was instrumental in the graphic design work on wide-ranging projects for AudioVerse in our rebranding process. He produced high-quality results on designs ranging from t-shirts, to brochures, magnets, booth displays, and more. He brought an excellent level of professionalism, attention to detail, and consideration for his client to his work. Joshua is reliable and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to work with him again in a heartbeat.
Alistair Huong - audioverse.org

Joshua worked with us to create a beautiful new design for our client's project. He was reliable, worked quickly to finish the project within the deadline and budget, and always responded to my communications within a day. He was professional, easy to reach on the phone or by email, and a pleasure to work with.
Garrett W. Massey - eyesoreinc.com

I’m give my unreserved recommendation for Joshua Wold as a talented and professional graphic/web designer. Over the past year I have had the privilege of having Joshua as the graphic/web designer for a website I was having built. Joshua is easy to communicate with and is a gifted designer. He responds quickly when asked to complete tasks and understands how to have a project move forward quickly and efficiently. I have no reservations in recommending Joshua to any position you deem him qualified to fill.

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Joshua at various capacities for the past 25 years. At 13-years-old, while our youngest brother and I were playing Neopets, Joshua was learning how to use Flash to create virtual pets. In the many years since I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Joshua through junior college, through graphic design classes, through our first business venture, through an angel-funded startup, and as business owners ourselves. Along the way I have been continually impressed by Joshua’s excellent work ethic, his passion for learning, and his eagerness to share what he’s learned and inspire others. I highly recommend Joshua as an invaluable member of any team fortunate enough to have him.
Jonathan Wold - jonathanwold.com

Our website, ILoveAltoona.com, serves a small metro of approximately 100,000 people. We were looking to simplify the site with an attractive, functional design that would work with our Wordpress blogging software. Joshua hit the nail on the head. He began by asking thoughtful questions to understand my goals, then came up with a great design which I liked immensely. Joshua has been courteous, cheerful and helpful, and helped make our website transition a success.
Matt Garber - ilovealtoona.com

Working with Joshua has been a complete delight. He brings an attention to detail that sets him apart. Anything we need gets done on time and in budget. Joshua Wold has our highest recommendation.
Richard Fink - readableweb.com


I believe I can be a great addition to your project. Thank you!

- Joshua Wold

Email | Phone: 260.615.8254
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